Enable HTTP / 2 protocol on PLESK

Enable HTTP / 2 protocol on PLESK

Published on 2017-11-13 in Development

The procedure to enable the HTTP/2 protocol on a PLESK server. A major improvement of HTTP, released in 2009 by Google. Clearly faster, and increased safety of navigation.

Compressing HTTP headers can reduce the bandwidth of your website. But with multiplexing, it makes it possible to send more information via a single transmission channel.

More information on the HTTP / 2 introduction by Google.


The following command enable the HTTP/2 protocol on your PLESK server :

/opt/psa/bin/http2_pref enable


plesk bin http2_pref enable

The opposite is done by :

/opt/psa/bin/http2_pref disable


plesk bin http2_pref disable


The blog geekflare offers a free service to test the HTTP / 2 protocol of your website.

The article is also available in French